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General FAQs

What is PeduL?

PeduL is the #1 platform for employers to build pipelines of diverse talent using a secret weapon: scholarships.

How does it work?

Due to employment regulation compliance, employers cannot explicitly invite “multicultural candidates” to apply to a specific job role. However, they can use scholarships through PeduL to target, source and engage with underrepresented talent in a range of different industries. Think of scholarships like a magnet that can attract all of the needles in the haystack: quality competitive diverse talent from across the country. 

Why do you spell PeduL like that?

Thanks for your asking! It's pronounced 'petal'. We spell it like that for a couple of reasons. We believe that education should be at the center of everything we do. We also believe that education bridges the gap between 'P' and 'L': purpose and life. It's our mission to bridge the gap of access to education and career opportunities for all. 

Why is this important?

At PeduL, we never celebrate opportunity, we create equal access to them. It’s our passion to make sure students from all backgrounds can access their next career opportunity regardless of where they came from, who they know or what school they want to.  

Students FAQs

How does it work?

In less than 10 minutes, you can sign up, share some information about yourself and be matched with corporate scholarship opportunities. You’ll only see scholarships that you’re eligible from companies across the country (only USA-based for now, sorry!) based on your specific career interests.

Is PeduL a job board?

No. When you apply to a corporate scholarship through PeduL, you are voluntarily opting into the range of opportunities available exclusively for applicants to that specific scholarship i.e. internships, mentorships and/or career development opportunities.

How do I apply for a corporate scholarship?

Simply select the “Sign Up” button in the student section of the homepage and fill out our short application. When you access your dashboard, you’ll have the opportunity to share more about your career interests and past experiences. We’ll do our part to make sure you see all of the opportunities curated for you based on your PeduL profile.

How much will this cost me?

Not a dime! We make money from employers.

Is my information public?

No. We only share information about your application that helps employers use best practices for unbiased application review.

What type of employers are on the site?

From Fortune 500’s like ViacomCBS to local banks in your town!

Do you vet the companies you work with and the scholarship opportunities they post?

PeduL has a dedicated sales team that interacts with every employer before they post a scholarship. Each scholarship is coupled with an opportunity for you to advance your career and are personally vetted by our team. We can assure that all scholarships are legitimate and all companies are intentional about creating an inclusive work environment.

I’m not looking for an internship or job experience right now. What should I do?

If all you need is scholarships, we encourage you to use the incredible platforms available like myscholly or However, if you want to be proactive about gaining the connections necessary to succeed in and beyond your college experience, while also earning some scholarship money as well, sign up on PeduL today!

Employer FAQs

Who can use PeduL?

If your company has a desire to diversify, but no real strategy to build pipelines of qualified and competitive underrepresented talent, schedule a 15-minute consultation with our team to see if PeduL is the right fit for your team.

Who else is using PeduL?

Companies of different sizes from different industries across America trust PeduL to deliver pipelines of pre-vetted talent through your corporate scholarship?

What if my company already has a scholarship program?

We are a long-term talent acquisition strategy that helps you reach more diverse candidates that are right for your company. We do not work with foundations or CSR departments. Think of our scholarships like a magnet to attract all of the candidates that you may find challenging to reach. Instead of budgeting to attend a few college fairs with inconsistent ROI, book a consultation to find out how to host a scholarship on PeduL to fill your internship pipeline with top diverse candidates from across the country. 

How much does it cost?

We have a sliding scale. The more scholarships and career development opportunities you provide, the less we charge to find the right candidates for the roles you’re looking to fill. Book a consultation with our sales team for a detailed quote that fits your company’s needs.

How much does my scholarship have to be?

Your scholarship can be as little as $500 per recipient. We encourage all scholarship providers to give as much as they can. We help our students access resources to fund their education. However, the experience of working with you is invaluable to the career trajectory for our student community. It’s more important that your company provides internships, mentors and other career development opportunities to students who apply to your scholarships.

Can I link a specific scholarship to my ATS?

We are currently working on building a CRM that enables employers to attribute candidates in your applicant tracking systems to PeduL. For more information, book a consultation with our sales team.

Can I award things other than money?

We want the students on our platform to be exposed to opportunities of all kinds. All scholarship offerings must be monetary, but we allow you to couple your scholarship with other unique opportunities and gifts such as mentorships, internships, workforce development training, book credits, airline miles, laptops and more.

How long will it take for my company to get a scholarship?

After chatting with a member of our team to see if this process is a fit for you, it will take about 30 minutes to fully onboard your scholarship to the platform. Then the PeduL team will allow our students to access the scholarship pending their eligibility.

Where does the budget come from?

The budget tends to come from D&I, HR or Marketing. We don’t work with foundations because this is a strategic pipeline-building opportunity, not a philanthropic effort. 

What is the structure of the scholarship and who can you target?

You can structure it in any way that you want. You can do a recurring scholarship or even one-off scholarships per year. We source students based on your strategic needs. Whomever you’re looking to target, we can do. We can target students from varying ethnic backgrounds, geographic backgrounds, and even academic disciplines.

Is my scholarship tax-deductible?

Simple answer, no. We are a for-profit company that ensures that the value we bring to our employers is worth it. We typically work within HR or Marketing budgets to create these scholarships, as opposed to foundations that have separate legal parameters that we don’t affiliate with.

Who chooses the winner of my scholarship?

PeduL has a team that focuses on vetting applicants down to employer specifications. Based on your bandwidth, you can select your winners or we can help select them for you. Give us a call and let’s talk about it.

Do we (the employer) have to deal with sending the scholarship to the winner’s school?

Not at all. PeduL handles all of the scholarship transfers so that you don’t have to worry about it.

How do I contact a student?

Right now, you can directly communicate with students who have applied to your scholarship once you’ve received all of the applicants from our team at the end of your scholarship period.


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