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Welcome to the 21st Century of Recruiting

Discover a job the same way you discover anything else…through social media.

Yes, it’s that easy.


You shouldn’t have to look for jobs… jobs should find YOU. When you sign up on PeduL, you’ll share a little bit about yourself and your work interests. We’ll match you to best-fit roles, and if you complete your dashboard, you’ll be able to quick-apply to multiple opportunities in seconds.


We are Influencer Marketing meets Recruiting. We use short-form content as a recruiting tool to expose your job opportunities to thousands of diverse candidates on social media.
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We’re called PeduL (pronounced ‘petal’) because we believe that ‘edu’ education (and awareness) is at the center of everything we do - and education bridges the gap between ‘P’ purpose and ‘L’ life. We believe that awareness is the first step to unlocking a whole new world of opportunities. Sign up today to kickstart your career with us.